Weekend part 1 January 17th 2010

This week it was not that cold so could do errands, talked to my dad late on Friday and hence woke up at 9.45 which was fine as buses do not start till 8 any way on Saturday. rushed to catch the bus, well i had to run as somehow against all my plans it came early. It is not supposed to be at my stop till 55 past and it come early so imagine me running for two blocks. he did see me and waited for me. panted my way into the bus and then went to downtown to dun-kin donuts to use my free extra large coffee coupon. got on another bus to go to the mall. Instead of getting off at the stop i decided to ride around till i finished my coffee and then requested the driver to drop me off close to the entrance so that i did not have to walk four blocks instead of 2. Went to my tax office. Met a nice young man who was from Connecticut. He moved to Blooming ton to be close to his family as his family was in Chicago and Indianapolis . I told him wow, in my family we do not even call each other , calls are so expensive, I am being sarcastic, I never understand my family at times, they never call to ask you how you are doing ,. I used to do all the calling but then stopped. Relative 1 i stopped talking to myself as excuse was always do not call my spouse  is home , relative 2 always i am calling you back and never did ,. the other one i called bunch of times claimed that they never got my messages , so one day i just decided hey if in times of need i have to rely on my friends why not just stop talking to family. I am better off that way, anyway talked to the tax lady, who asked me why i do not sell my house in Canada, i am like hello i work here on a visa and till i get some permanent residency there is no selling any house in Canada. why if i lose my job i have to go back, Canada is my home, negotiations a rate and then walked to the hairdresser to get a haircut, I wanted to get blond highlights but then balked at the price , anyway i am going to wait till march or april and then spend 72 dollars and no there will be no blond highlights There is a Kroger nearby bought groceries >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>more later

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