Should I go back to the mother land

Heard an interesting story from a co traveler apparently many NRI are returning back to India as was he, reason was better opportunities. He is probably sixth highly educated person to go back to India that I personally  know of , now these NRI are not unemployed, in fact they have worked hard , achieved the Canadian /American dream and are on the way back, they are highly successful , the ones that I know were Canadian/American citizen  professors, doctors , engineers and this financial wizard who was the CFO of an internet company, their kids are grown , some ( not the kids )are married to Caucasian women and some to Indian but at the end of the day it is the lure of idealism and money. India is a growing market, all growth is there , the economy is booming , I see my class fellows  who have achieved the dream by being in one job for all their lives unlike me who bounce or get fired or laid off from one job to another ‘ leave my awesome home and my awesome son to move around for the sake of paying the mortgage on a house others have fun with . I live like a transient homeless person in a suitcase  so I can pay my bills in Canada , what idiot does that , oh it is me ,. Shame on paper I look so great, in reality I am a homeless person with a suitcase with a Marriott/Hilton  platinum card , sad when you communicate to your only child via email and go back to an empty home but it was the choice of an unemployed person

Getting back to the NRI returning it seems companies court them back to India and I do not blame them, the family bond is very strong . Over the years I have got invitations  to go back to India as an engineer but it was not the right opportunity as they were all contract and I had nothing to go back to ,I am alone here and I will be alone in India  I remember when I lived in Bloomington IN one of the  OTIS directors told me that he was going back to India I am like why  he is like well more opportunity there  and then as you get older you want to go back to where you were the happiest and for most of us where we grew up.  I am not going back , in my case I cannot afford the plane ticket but read the following sites and see my view is at the end of the day it is where you feel most happiest to each his own , time for my flight enjoy the websites, see how many companies are courting NRI back it is the same with china , Japan and other countries a long time getting a green card was so hard and so many HI are available now , look at me , I used to want a green card and now I do not even care , times change and so do views , one of my co-workers three years ago put his home and cottage for rent and took off to china where he is running the acoustic division of Chinese refrigerator company , he was 64 when he left the usa , he was an American but in the far east age is respected and not despised. People always ask me why I never admit to my age because there is a lot of age discrimination and since I need to keep working I cannot divulge my age , companies are not that eager to hire older workers any time

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