A rainy non productive day

Today it rained and rained in Ohio, my outlook decided to make 100 folders and I spent three hours with IT to figure it out and then the boss walks on by with some new assignments. So now having no friends in Ohio as somehow or the other they are all non friendly i decided to invite my group out to lunch. It had to be political as we had to invite everyone had to be there. so i go to the gym , yes i am still over 200 , excercise and then go wait for laketran. why i do not buy a car is now even perplexing me. The janitor was feeling sorry for me and he is like How come you do not own a car, i am like i do not. so while I am waiting for my ride it starts raining so God Forbid I walk fast. I just walked as if it as sunny, got wet and came home and spent an hour figuring out how to get my blog publicized…..back to studies

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