Week ending March 27th 2010

An interesting week. Went to New York for my job interview. Had to spend 10 dollars in cab to get there and then 10 dollars to get back plus 30 dollars in shuttle fair. Sothwest was an awesome airline. My shoes on the other hand not so good, hurt my feet like hell. The interview went well they said that it was good but here is what they had a concern with that i had did not have jo b stability as i single handedly brought down each company that was the only bad thing in the interview . Took the flight back to IN called the shuttle company four hours in advance telling them that my flight would land at 10.30 and if they could wait for 2 minutes past 10.45 as that is the time they leave and do you think they waited for me , not even two minutes so i had to spend the night at the airport very uncomfortable and very cold. I was kind of afraid as i have never done this before but that is what happens when you do not have any money for the hotel. Met some nice friends well time to go and finish my taxes more later

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