Not feeling well March 10 2010

The day started out with me being depressed i am an insominiac and cannot sleep. woke up could not breathe  , a panic attack, i am so tired of not sleeping , then called FP. FP always knows how to make me feel better , like i said the 10 minute conversation with him is better than anything in the world. FP always encourages me and tells me that it will be ok. FP has so much faith in me that he makes me have faith in myself.FP is totally confident that i will not need to move to canada as i will have a job by then, awesome that is the person i need in my life right now. Fell asleep immediately , woke up, got the call for the interview in new york excited as i am going to have to nail this interview to get the job. It is not difficult job just sensors that i can do in my sleep.  i am not feeling well so came to the libray got nothing accomplished. My friend judy asked me to go with her to the food bank for groceries and went with her. Felt kind of odd but beggars cannot be choosers,  and then came to the library , decided to send FP presentation of the home in bloomington and IN. :Like i said i am not feeling well. have to do taxes,, tomorrow i am off to the unemployment office to print out stuff for taxes, then deal with ryan and his foolish trip to england, like i said i am not well. tonight is pizza night at bloom so free dinner more later

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