Jan 15 2010 or meeting someone who lives in a cemetary

What a beautiful day in Bloomington, not too cold or too hot , awesome.Left work at 4pm and took off to the library and on my way made everyone in the bus laugh. I have a bus pass and asked the driver  for a transfer as I was too lazy to open my bag to take out the bus pass for the next bus. Bloomie is a small town but the bus service is not so gold unless you are going to close to the university This is a university town so all is catered to the students Went to the library , read chicken soup for the grandparents soul, then went to look at the furniture as i broke my couch. I think i am going to be a hill billy or a redneck and just move my bed to the living room . My friend will understand. I am living in a rental in the us and when i see how awesome my home and my furniture is in canada there is no way i am investing in any furniture till I buy a second home in Indiana.

Then after my little epiphany of moving my bed to the living room went to my treat of the week, which is buy coffee at dunkin donuts. I have had such a hard life i consider spending 1.75  a treat. i was waiting for the bus , when a young girl came and asked me if the bus had gone. I asked her where do you want to go , she is life to the cemetary. Ok this is foolish i asked her are you a ghost, On HBO there was a show where the grim reapers would send out ghosts to grab the soul of people who were about to die. I just had a birthday . So I asked her, hey if you are a ghost to take my soul, i need to tell you that i must call my son and tell him i love him, told her about the show, we had a good laugh, came home and talked to my dad on my awesome vonage line  now time to go to bed after i talk to the little one after 10 pm



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