Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring /You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.

So I am yet in another meeting ,. In engineering they should teach you how to attend meetings rather than technical courses. When I graduated from engineering I was all set to invent the time machine but as you work more and more you realize that what you are actually doing is pushing paper. Instead of learning on how to solve dynamic problems ( a subject that brought down my GPA and tied me for third place in engineering as I failed the course ) they should teach how to communicate effectively and how to push paper.

Failing Dynamics  I remember exactly how I failed dynamics. I was too confident and felt too important on my own brillance, well like they say pride comes before a fall ,I did not do the assignments , and what did I expect I FAILed and I could not believe it How could I with a GPA of 11.2/13 fail a course, well as my son would say stranger things have happened. Here is the next interesting , this was not a simple failed course, I had to retake it next year and here is what the twist comes inSo next year I take the course , do all the assignments and what happens that year I develop health issues, severe excruiting headaches , so on the day of the midterm I was so drugged out with medications that I did all the questions wrong so when the class average was 100 out of 100 I got 20 percent .SHAME  anyway so I like a crying baby ran to the dean giving him all the documentation on engineering , so I sat in his office crying , , no money all my life depended on getting that piece of paper , so I have the doctor on the phone telling the dean that he thinks I have a tumour and my son is playing with his Teenage mutuant ninja in the door so once a while you would hear kapow when the ninja turtle would beat up the biker mice from mars. So the dean said hey the final is worth 60 pecent so we will see what happens , final comes, it was so hard, well if the class average is 100/100 of course the final is hard, they need to keep the average at 60 percent . of course I bombed the final like with everyone else. While the others had 40 ( 30 for the midterm and 10 for assignments and could fail the final and still get an overall 70 ) I on the other hand was going into the final with 16/40 , well that warranted another trip to the dean office with my son ( the only reason he came along was because I was too poor to pay a babysitter and daycares will not keep a child in daycare if you are not in school, believe they check) and the medical documentation so they allowed me to write my midterm so at this point with my little friendly tumor they allowed me to write the midterm and I managed to sweak by with an A minus Yes and my son throws it at me you failed dynamics and yes I did , to this day I stay away from anything that involves kinematics and flywheels etc
More on my headaches later on , not relevant at this time Losing my GPA due to dynamics and my headaches was not the only tragedy out of this ,
Dr N and admission to engineering ( a bit like Great Expectations)
Any way engineerng itself was a challenge. I remember when I went to discuss my admission to engineerng , saw the dean let us call him Dr N. not a good visit as first of all my son who was a toddler at that time , yes I took him with me , when you are a waitress at Pizza Hut , paying 3 dollars an hour for a babysitter is a lot of money and question is why I could not leave with friends , when you are living on 950  before taxes  dollars a month and have only 400 dollars left over after rent and telphone in which to pay daycare ( 100 dollars) diapers ( 20 a week so 80 a month), formula ( 100 a month)  well do the math and rest is groceries. I simply did not money to take a cab to there place as they lived very much off the bus route.
Ok let us get back to enginering . so Dr N asks me why do you want to do engineering , My response was simple and short, because I want to get my driver licence and get a car, a red car at that.Today that 900 dollars has multipled 20 times and I still do not own a car , more on that later.
Anyway so Dr N then then asks me do you have reliable childcare , I said well daycare and he was like well young lady ( he should have said fool) engineering runs from 8-9 pm in the night so who is looking to look after the kid, I am like I do not know , silly girl
So I made the call to my parents who told me hey sorry we cannot help but wait go get any job stop aiming so high, same parents for whom I gave thousands of dollars from the same engineering degree they told me not to get. But that was then and this is now. How we forgot. I forgot when I pay bills for others that this was the degree that they told me not to get

So I spent the rest of engineering running in buses from one daycare to babysitter. I remember getting up in the morning , getting the baby ready in his snow suit by 5.45 am walking to catch the bus to leave him at daycare and then taking another bus to the university we were at the daycare when it opened at 7.00 am ,  I guess then it was a walk to the chemistry department as they had coffee for 25 cents

A whole day of classes and while my classfellows were out joining fraternities and enjoying I was busy figuring out who is going to watch my son for me when I had an exam 9-12 at night . so I did not worry about the courses but who would watch my son

So there goes engineering through my son breaking his arm ( of which  I got accused of , dealt with that with child protective services, kind of sucks when the child is at daycare when his arm breaks) , chicken pox ( took him to class with me with the teacher telling the students that the young toddler was more well behaved than all of us) , being called by daycare that your child is sick when you are about 45 minutes from the final, I ran to the teacher who said hey write the exam or you flunk, I am like I cannot fail and he is like why can you not find someone and I am like who , so I took my son to st dennis and he sat at my feet while I wrote the exam. He was running high fever

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  1. I would like to say thanks for the efforts you have made compiling this article. You have been an inspiration for me. I’ve forwarded this to a friend of mine.

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