Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds and We must become the change we want to see.‏

I may side tracked off the topic

One again it is Friday, end of a long week, long more or so for me, just a lot of meetings and that tires you out mentally, meetings and then meetings. I was so tired in a meeting yesterday that I almost fell asleep and this was a meeting that I chaired, that is when you drink coffee and more coffee and get stomach problems

When I moved to Indiana I decided to save money by making coffee at home, let us back up, when I used to work in Michigan I would stop by at Tim Horton (Canadian coffee shop) and get a coffee for the long drive to work. So in Indiana there is no Tim Horton so I decided to make coffee at home, the whole idea was to save a 1.50 a day and I ended spending 3000.

How do, well in lieu of drinking one cup I started drinking two or three a day and then two in the evening and ended up with stomach issues and to get treated for that had to have a wide variety of tests that ending up costing approximately 3000 with insurance , not counting the days I spent off  when my stomach hurts, so lesson for me is that why save 1.50 so I might as well not keep coffee at home as it  is obvious to me and my weight I have no self control so no coffee station at home , if I want to get coffee I will go buy it

So now I am back to one coffee a day.

In one of my travels I met a man at the airport who while talking told me that he just got married, I am like Ok, nothing great in this person except that this person was a 72 year old with a 60 year new wife and was still working. The most remarkable thing was that he looked in his fifties and he was working to keep his new wife in the lifestyle she was used to. So that is life

Life your life as if today was the last day. I get very frustrated and livid with some of decisions that my son makes in his life but at least he lives his life , like I always say he is also going to graduate from engineering but with a passion for life but not necessary with all A. That is why I am grateful neither I nor my son is perfect; we are perfect so we have things to talk about. My son and I both do goofy things and thus sometimes it is aggravating and sometimes it is plain funny like the time he and I were at Priya after I was livid with him, while waiting in line at the buffer I told my son that it was Ok and he comes back with that he was ok with it but I had to convince myself.  I was livid with him when he would not go to return the computer and I had to drive to Canada from Ohio to pick ….more on that later

So then it brings us to the topic of the day

Nothing grows without hard work except weeds, my garden is testament to that, no one puts in any work there and as a result it is overgrown with weeds and weeds, till I go back and pull them out by myself. That is the best way

Often people question my son’s decision to do industrial vs. mechanical, electrical or even medicine but my view point is have him decide what he wants to do, he will be successful in what he likes and wants to do, if it is industrial it is great, at least I can joke with him and tell him that it is the softer side of engineering. His decision to do industrial is his own and if he does go to law school it is his decision, all I know is that one day I plan to go back and get my law degree because that is what is my passion

I only did engineering because it beats being a waitress at Pizza hut any day. I paid my dues in Canada and raised my son on 957 dollars a month and today my mortgage is that much. How time flies, when my gross was 957 dollars a month I felt I was so rich and able to buy everything, it is not because of inflation it is more because I was always striving to be better, better at always going somewhere and yet when I reached somewhere I ended nowhere That is life, when you have so little you think you have so much and yet when you have so much you think you have so little.

But I worked hard, did my engineering degree and did not let weeds grow I became the change that I wanted to see and as long as I keep on pulling the weeds and stay on the right track life will be good







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1 Response to Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds and We must become the change we want to see.‏

  1. HYM says:

    You really speak the truth in life

    but those who have the courage to face the world can do wonder, like you

    the best work do not need any promises, terms or conditions.They just need two wonderful people”one who can trust and one who can understand

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