Next in my husband search part 1

I got a call from  a recruiter today who was asking me if I wanted to go back to my old company. if you do not sign the piece of paper and the company lays you off they are legally obligated to call you back when they are hiring or they can be sued. Going back on my terms, So I said sure if they offer me at least 40 thousand more than what I was making on top of what I make right now. We will see

The funny thing the recruiter told me was that hey where are you , I am like I am  in Ohio and he is like oh my god you can spend ten years in one weekend in that state , so he said you went from being bad to worse, I said what do you think

There are two types of people , Ohio people and the rest of the universe. No wonder no one wants to come here, it is the most hickiest place in the universe.

Like I said it is the quality of life.

 Getting back to my husband search, most men will tell you we are well settled and I am like ok you ok with showing your tax returns from the previous year and if the answer is NO then you are  just blowing hot air. My parents never asked that question , so they found an engineer for their Mphil daughter who was so well settled and the reality was that he was matric fail so right now my son is more qualified than his father in every way.

 So here is my interim list

  1. Must be educated and back it up with degrees because I will run a background check ( did that on all my fiancées and if they were cool so can you)
  2. Must be willing to show tax returns , I am
  3. Must not be an idiot
  4. Must live in a cool city and not a hick town

 Must not be an idiot can fall into so many categories  but the most common one is that if you decide to tell me who to talk to or what to wear screw you for I will divorce you fast. I do not need to tell any man that my son comes first for any man who even asks me that is automatically disqualified. I am not interested in your sob story of caste or religion so if you are 50 and need your mummy to tell you what to do , go marry someone else

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1 Response to Next in my husband search part 1

  1. mohinder says:

    i read your post on husband search all i cAN SAY it is you have many conditions which are justified. i think you are not mentioning one important aspect that he should be nice and loving . you should also take in consideration how is he in person also.

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