Misery sures loves company

If you want to be miserable be miserable by yourself. I never understand why some people chose to be miserable. Like I said before why be happy with so little when you can have so much. I guess fear is the big thing, it is hard to leave what you have always known and move to something new. If you have always known misery that is what I find that a person will stay in misery than grab at a chance to be happy , or if you have always known abuse then you will stay in abuse and that is why most people will stay in bad relationships than leave. It is familiarity that breeds competent. The person needs balls and when one does not have that there is nothing one can do. If you want to be miserable be miserable,. That is why I somewhat disagree when people say that positive reinforcement leads to improve self esteem , yes it does but if the person wants to be miserable so be it. What is the use of telling someone that they are smart or awesome or handsome or beautiful when the person feels that he or she is worthless and not worthy being loved at all

In North America we know a lot  about self esteem and be happy. Like my secretary said today why be miserable when you can be happy. She told me about her uncle who told his wife that as soon as his son graduated from high school he was out and that is what he did. As soon the graduation ceremony was over he took off , he was 49 and said I am miserable and want to be happy

Why do we in the Indian culture chose to be unhappy I do not know. Maybe it is because we  treat our divorced women so horribly and then if we get divorced the stain is  there for ever on the kids marriage etc, we forget what happiness is , we only live once and if you chose to live unhappily so be it, chances are that if you are unhappy with someone they are unhappy with you too so no one is happy. Being in a relationship just for the sake of society is probably the dumbest thing one will do , society does not sleep with you  or make you smile but that is  you

Then why do we have such a high divorce rate in north America among Indians then in india well because here like in my case if no Indian wants to talk to me because I chose to leave an idiot screw them , that is life in the fast lane. I could care less about if some Indian does not invite me or my son , screw them , if some Indian family does not want their daughter to marry my son because of me screw them , my son and I are way too good for them but the bottom line is that I  and my son are happy and either way my son could care less what anyone thinks of him.

That is why in my husband search most Indian men are surprised that I come up with confident and not feel sorry for myself , why should I, it is not like you are paying my bills so screw you. I am not going to make excuses for my life or why I chose to make the decisions I made. Like I said why be miserable when you can be happy but if you want to be miserable go ahead make your own day of misery ,

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