Can i talk and chew gum at the same time maybe

Ok that is an interesting question. why is that in meetings one wants to go and on and on all the time , just to hear themselves talk.

That is my leader , he just wants to talk for no apparent reason and then had the nerve to tell me that i was not aggressive as i did not want to cut the VP in a meeting. By interrupting someone in mid sentence does not mean you are aggressive but that you are a moron. At least now i know one person i can say who does not think i am aggressive, my son who never gives me credit for anything even told me that he was surprised that i moved to this hick town without knowing anyone, and then i am told that i am not aggressive, he thinks that i am so worried he will fire me , screw you buddy , been there done that, i can always find another job, he is life oh i can run searches on Macbook too see how his followers behave, i am like ok see if i care, go do it, do not tell someone who has lost many jobs that they will be unemployed done that and have survived, it is like my discussion on unemployment , hey i was told that being a non us citizen you cannot get it , i said really, listen you are going to send it to me in Canada as i am moving there and they did, most of us do not take the time to understand the law and yeit works both ways ,  i work here pay my taxes and so be it , it is like dealing with potential liars , if you suspect someone is lying so be it , let them live in the fantasy that they have fooled you, you cannot fool someone more than once,

Fool me once shame on YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME


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