Why i am glad that i do not hve a daughter

Confessions of an anemic  or why I am glad that I do not have a daughter

 Ok now that I have got your attention on this let me go further , I have two genetic disorders, one is the clotting disorder, in that my blood does not clot on its own and the other is the secondary hyper parathyroidism , in which calcium starts coming out of the bones as  reverse osmosis and them main thing I am glad that I do not have a daughter is simple , this is passed from female to female and though my son may carry the recessive gene he does not have any of two which is very good

 What is the issue with having a clotting disorder, well first of all you are always anemic as if you bleed at any time your blood cannot clot till you end up a hospital , loss of blood welcome anemia. This is not something new for me . I have always be anemic but at least I was in places where there was good medical care rather than this hick town where the doctors are so retarded that in spite of telling them that you have a bleeding disorder they give you medications that can cause massive internal bleedings. Like I said they have got their degree in the mail from india

 You know how do I know that now I am now borderline , well massive bruising , everything slowing down , lack of focus, forgetfullness and more important do not want to talk to my son or the rockstar . Just want to sleep. For example  yesterday I slept from 6pm to 7 am continously; with no breaks . I only woke up because of the three alarms I set to wake me up.

 Doctors will say oh take iron, it is not that easy , taking iron even with food upsets your stomach and it makes me more sick , that is why I resorted to blood transfusions and get iron transfusions but I not trust the blood supply here. Getting an iron transfusion is the easiest, you get an IV and you go from 2 to 14 in an hour but like I said that I do not trust the doctors to handle this procedure here and that is why I have to  leave

 At this point I do not care if the rockstar want me to drive him to the airport, or my son is missing in action. I am just so tired and still have to maintain a full time job. Here they have the PTO which is you get a certain number of days , you can use them as sickness or as vacation, whichever you want to, there are no sick days. So I go to work and eat my iron or spinach and hopefully my iron will start building up till the next time I get hurt, in either case I have to travel next week so no excuses

Till later

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