Maybe i just have it hard as i am by myself or maybe this place sucks

People always me this question, what is the difference between Canada and the US , they look the same so what is the difference, Prior to starting let me state

I have no intention on being a permanent resident , nor is anyone going to make me one and I certainly not going to apply for one ever, maybe I have it tough being by myself but the longer I live and work here the more I want to go back home and can understand why so many Canadians just go back .

I work here not due to choice because I could not get a job in Canada, shameful is it not, maybe I did not try hard enough or maybe it was easier living in Windsor and commuting , the difference becomes very transparent when you live here

Let us start with this latest foolishness. In Canada there is no such thing as pre existing conditions , we pay high taxes and I still do and we get medical. We also pay the health tax at the end of the year and we get medical. Now we also do not worry about pre existing conditions. Yes we have long waiting lines, we have to wait and wait but if it is that serious the awesome government sends us to the US for treatment.

 So here I am and I am being asked to provide coverage , where am I supposed to get that from . there is no such thing as Canada giving a certificate of coverage as we are all covered,. Only thing we are not covered for is prescription but if you are poor enough the government will take care of you. Yes I said it, the government will take care of you , what is wrong in that

So now all my medical bills are bouncing as my insurance refuses to pay till I get proof of insurance and I just left to HR , go deal with it I am just tired.Like I said ,maybe I have it hard as I am by myself thank God I have exotic rare disorders that cannot be preexisting as they are genetic, so let me see how long this foolishness is going to last on insurance and pre existing conditions or prior coverage

Moreover where are these doctors here in my town getting their degrees, by mail, in spite of me telling them the problem they still went ahead and prescribed me medication that can cause massive internal bleeding , note this was an Indian doctor born and raised in India

Next let us look at the public transportation. I want any Canadian to email me and tell me what town in Canada does not have public transportation. Even a rinky dinky town like my hometown is accessible by bus and the average income in that town is over 100,000 so no one ever uses it but we still have it. Why should I be forced to drive if I do not want to, I simply chose not to. I lead a very stressful life and do not want to drive, but that should be my decision and not that I am forced to end up shelling money for a car. If you all want to drive more power to you I do not. I get enough on my long distance driving to Quebec, Alabama etc

So far I am not buying a car and will not in a town that has no bus service or cab service

Let us look at snow removal . in my rinky dinky Canadian town which has been just wiped out due to the auto industry we still get snow removed. I remember waking up after a snow storm and seeing that the snow is gone, they plough it immediately, here it can go for days till they move to the side streets or main roads  I remember waking up each morning and looking at what  my Canadian high tax dollars bring me clean roads during winter

Or removal of dead animals., I have never seen dead animals on the street in Canada but driving down any highway there will be dead animals all over half eaten by buzzards etc

In Canada no one questions if you are legal but here in the last three years I have asked numerous times from the grocery store to the homeless beggar if I am legal. why do you care so much, or you are taking American jobs, ok you idiots I am a highly qualified engineer , the morons who tell me that are usually working at gas stations

Take driver license, in Canada you can go from Ontario to Alberta laws and rules are the same, here every state I have been in has their own rules. For example here i had to get a letter from my employer indicating that I was legally employed to even apply for one , like I said no consistency

In Canada if you are homeless or have no food the government will take care of you, we have an awesome social safety net, yes there are people who abuse it and I know I used to be on welfare but what do you get here, food stamps what good is that, like I said no safety net ,

Like I said the more I live here the more I want to go back home and soon as I get the right offer I will I am just tired of foolishness. I am not saying that this is the right decision for everyone but it is the right decision for me for now.

I am a citizen of a socialist state and am proud of it , maybe I just have it hard as I am by myself here











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