And Now Anil has left the building

I just heard that someone quit in our company today, now you may wonder why would someone quit in today economy, he told us that he quit for 8000 dollars more, well that is nothing considering that after you factor in taxes he gets only 300 more after taxes so why did he quit. I suppose bad bosses. Sometimes bosses can drive you wild, this is not like in the older days where you work hard and you get promoted, these days you can work hard and if they do not like you you do not get promoted, if you take too much time off, if you are lippy in a meeting, you number is up, next round of layoffs and it is your turn. I remember the first time I was laid off; I cried all the way home. My boy could not understand why I kept on crying. I did not know what to do , no money no support , bills to pay , car payment etc. My friend son was graduating from high school that day and I just not am happy for her son. I was at a loss and kept on crying all day and all night. Now remember times were good so when I told that I was being let go and that the contract was not being extended I found job within three days so I guess I was ok. I remember that I was at the swimming pool with my son when I got the call and went off to accept the offer

I stayed at that company for a while and then it decided to go bankrupt. Now that was not unexpected as it was all over the news but still it hurt. I remember driving down riverside the  Sunday before , we all knew what was happening , and telling my son what happens if I lose my job and my son tells me well what you so sure you will not find one. He was only 7 years old and much wiser and nicer than he is today

I cried but not too much

Joined another company where I was actually fired. This is the interesting part as was told to me by unemployment. I has cleared a lot of money  that year due to overtime, so figure out how much work I had done and because the easiest way for a company to replace a worker is to fire them as then they can hire someone at a lower wages, I was so upset as I could not believe that I could get fired, I working 60 hours a week at a minimum but as my son said mom it is just an excuse and it was not me

Found another job with a company that went bankrupt but at least they were very nice to give us Christmas presents, That company was bought out by an investment firm that had no intention of having the company get productive, they just wanted to write off as a loss.

Found another job which I quit as I got a better one,  I like the way contract houses will expect you to give them a two week notice but only give you an hour notice so I just gave them a two hour notice and I said I quit. They were not happy about it but hey that is life

What makes a person quit?? By that I mean quit when you have    a job to go to and not just quit with no job to go to

When I was looking for a job a recruiter told me that as soon as the economy improves people are going to start quitting which is what I see happening, these days no one puts up with nonsense. Well I do not , been there done that, when you have through the wringer of job loss you just go with the flow, one job is same as any , you know how to interview , how to talk the talk and walk the walk but then interviewers are also morons at times

I was actually asked why I lost so many jobs, I am like sure I was responsible for a multimillion corporation to come down all by myself, and the higher ups had nothing to do with it 

Now take this job I have, I do not like it, the people are horrible. I simply do not like the state I just want to leave, this is the first town I can honestly say that the people are strange, and I usually do not say that all the time. I just do not like being here so that is the way it is. People will say that how can you say that when you are lucky to have a job well I am lucky to have a job but I also need to have the quality of life. You cannot have quality of life if there is no life.

For example there is no bus service so if your car breaks down you are on your own, the price of cars is through the roof, a car may be worth 6000 anywhere but here they will jack it up to 9000 dollars, the men are strange, I went to a car dealer to look at cars and the guy now thinks that he wants to go out with me just because he likes Indian girls, loser that is life. As soon as winter is over I am so finding another job and moving out of this town and that is my two cents




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1 Response to And Now Anil has left the building

  1. Rajesh Kumar says:

    You really had a very tough time in life. . . After listing to your story . . I feel India is far better than any other country. . here if you don’t have a job . .you need not to worry . . . .as you will get the other very easily. . and also . you have not to worry as things are quite economical here . .

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