So what is being a single parent and dating

Ok so what is wrong with having a child? My friend at work told me that she had met a nice man and he left her when he found out that she had two kids, Ok now she probably makes over 90000 a year and can manage to pay for her kids but what type of person will say that they do not want to accept your child.

Or an Indian friend of mine (yes I do have those too) told me that she will never marry a divorced or a widowed man and I am like why, she is like why would I marry someone who is divorced, ok you are 47 and which man is sane and still single and if you find one run away from him he is probably a total loser

But then men also find the same problem. I met a nice man who told me that women do not want to go out with him (he is the vice president of a company) as he has a small child

I know that after my divorce I was introduced to an Indian Guajarati engineer who was really great and was moving to my favorite city Seattle. OK this was a choice I was given, marry me but you have to dump the kid

Now I was struggling as a waitress and he was an engineer and he is like my parents will accept you but not the kid. The advice I got from the winds rites was hey dump the kid, give him up for adoption , leave him on the road in Toronto , the government will take care of him, send him to India to your in-laws but settle your life. I looked at the financial aspect and if I would have married him I would have got all my wishes, a husband and more children and then I remembered my tattooed son who was a very irritating toddler. Ok any parent who tells you that children have never frustrated them can contact me directly so I can tell them that they are liars. The day I made the decision was an eventful day

My son had a habit of piling his 1 million cars as a convey. He would run push the last one and then run to see the effect, well little did I know that when I would come home the convey was there in place, the babysitter did not tell me and I slipped and landed on the floor with the waitress uniform and all. My son comes running out and says, mummy are you ok. No I was not , how can you be when you land on the truck then I get the call from the engineer I said you know I love you but I love my little monkey more and I have never regretted that decision even my son will probably bring home a girl with tattoos that he knows I hate.

I cannot marry a man who asks you to choose between him and child. The right man will never ask you choose and yes many have made that decision and gone on to be happily married but my son grew up to be an awesome child and never had to wonder if his mother would ever choose a man over him not going to happen.

Divorced woman like me I feel are considered low on the totem pole. Now remember I am an engineer and this is what I hear from some of my relatives, oh come to India someone will marry you to go to Canada. I am like what the heck I am an engineer why do I need to settle for less

I was made to marry a horrible abusive man who was not even high school so why would I settle for less.

I want love at first sight and I want someone I have chemistry with and not just a marriage. I know what love is and will never settle for less but that is me.

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