Eva Longoria split

Eva is a beautiful woman but her husband cheated on her , all men love their wives because they are the mother of their children, exception has to be my husband as he is loser and a jerk who is always plotting my death but ask them how many are happy. They are not unhappy but just are not happy. Ok so her husband cheated on her, she found text messages from another woman, Ok so what, a text does not marriage break. There is always a problem and then the texts happen. I have always said if your marriage is so strong nothing can break it. All this about other women is just pure nonsense. Or other man is nonsense

Ok I will use the analogy of a car, if your car is going so great why you are going to get a new one . I was engaged for four years and my ex fiancée cheated in the final year of the relationship. The reason was that I did not have time for him. Ok I was very sick. I got diagnosed with a tumor in my brain and had to have numerous MRI, radiation treatments but that was reason for him to go off into the sunset with another woman.

I was devastated but that is life, you win some and you lose some. If he loved me he would have stayed with me but he did not, not in the final year of the relationship. One of the reasons break up is illness and death as my oncologist told me. Well I was very sick and I was probably needy and so even though I was devastated I got over it and moved over it but then I have to go every year and get my brain checked out to see what the deal is.

 If you are wondering on the ex fiancée we miss his dog Polo and Baton Rouge and the country music, more than I miss the fiancée. He did contact me on face book and no Mr. Martin you are not allowed to contact  my son.  I would have forgiven him if he would hurt me but he hurt my son who cried for a long time asking about Jimmy. He was a good father to my son or should I say the only father my son has ever known.

 So Mr. Martin even though I love you I am not in love with you. So take it and move on. Eva will get over it as did Sandra and Hilary and I.

 The good thing of that relationship was my son decided to become a lawyer (oh yes Mr. Martin was a lawyer) and I started loving country music.

 So life goes on. Never be bitter , accept the situation and move on.

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