The royal engagement, tatoos

Heard today that Prince William gave his fiancée his mother ring and the debate on the radio is how the audience feels about it. I think it is the sweetest and most romantic thing in the world to have the man you love give you his mother’s ring. His reasoning was that he wanted his mother Princess Diana to share in the moment , that is not only a good son who loves and misses his mother, also goes to show that is how he treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. He wanted his mother to share in the moment and will be a good husband.

I had an awesome weekend. Went to the library with my friend M.Checked out some books to read. I am a big John Grisham fan and he has a new book out . of course there is a waiting list , there always in, So my friend was driving and she picked up her husband , She came too close to the construction barrel and her husband started yelling at her , I am like , guys you are in your fifties , you cannot do that in public. We all have got a little bit close to the construction barrel and it is not a big deal.

I do not know why she puts up with it. She has her own  job, her own money so why does she put with it. A brief discussion on her background, she is Caucasian, in her forties, well chubby about 300 lb or so and does not wear make up

Main question why not put make up , what is up with that, who does not want to look pretty, oh well here is another interesting point he did not want to kiss her in public and she pointed it out that her husband does not or never wants to kiss her. OK then moving on. Other things, she has never had children so she asked her husband about kids. Ok the Indian way of thinking is that once you hit forties you do not need to have children. I still have the belief that if it is a blessing from God accept it with grace and move on, well he basically refused, because he had two kids in their thirties, I do not think it is fair that a husband should deny his wife having more children Comments?????

I have raised a child by myself and it is the most wonderful joy in the world, even though sometimes I wonder on the joy part. ( just kidding ) especially when my son tells me that he is getting another tattoo just kidding , I look at my son and wonder what an awesome child he has turned out to be. He may not be always the top student, may not always get A or B or C but he is sharp like a tack. Last week I had a very stressful week Talked to my son and the first thing he said was Mom who do you want me to beat up, No one because I do not believe in violence.  My son comes up with wonderful things, Like he said to be one day, mom I will always live you if you are not married as I do not want you to be alone, I said to him because we all know about mother in laws etc, my son said mom I am not going to marry a girl who disrespects my mother. Or there are days where he has said mom if you do get married and your husband is not nice, do not be afraid to tell me.

Then sitting in Ohio in a teleconference I miss my little boy. My little boy who decided at age 4 when I gave him a time out for ………………..(background, I used to run a small catering business out of my place where I baked  cup cakes , muffins etc )  messing up my order of chocolate cake by smearing all over the wall with his fingers and then telling me that the chocolate monster did it and had the same hands as him, was going to run away to find his real mummy who was not mean to him and yes all he was going to take was his Mickey mouse door mat.  I asked my son what about food and he said his real mummy was going to feed him , so I took him where he wanted to go and he waited for his real mummy till he fell asleep Even today at age 21 I still ask him, are you waiting for your real mummy. Since then like very child he has decided to run away always with his door mat and I still do not understand why. But then even today he is waiting for his real mummy or so he says

So real mummy my little boy is waiting for you.

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