How to influence and Inspire

Attended a presentation on influence and inspire at lunchtime, Learnt that not all influential leaders are inspiring but all inspiring leaders are influential. What is the art of a great leader, a great leader does not have the terms I and me in his dictionary

Transparency and believing that collective success is more important then individual strength and always recognize someone inspires the receipent. Whether it is good or bad people need to hear what they are doing right and what is their suggestion for things gone wrong.

Never order someone to do something because as I know from dealing with my son when he was a teenager. Tell him to clean his room is a challenge, put it in the way, what do you think in cleaning your room and it will be done.

No one likes to get bossed around and just because you boss someone into doing something does not mean that it will be done with motivation or inspiration but it will be done with compliancy.

One gets inspired by what they hear and what they feel. Some of the best inspiring leaders are coaches or mentors 

There are different ways to inspire and influence someone, you can appeal to someone as a friend, appeal to values, try persuasion, seek the other person’s view, but never use the familiar line, your boss told me to do so

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