Women , brains or beauty ( yes i also went off topic)

Today I was listening to the radio and they had an interesting question, would you chose to be beautiful or be intelligent both for men and women, I remember when I was in India a girl at my hostel has said that she could go far  as was pretty and we all had laughed , foolish teenagers

 Today on the radio the discussion was that no one cares if  you are smart or how qualified , it is who is more pretty, for example between two candidates a thinner prettier woman will get the job over the fatter ( like me ) woman though she may be more qualified in the long run,. That is way women need to stay thin and pretty and not always broadcast over their age.

 A lot of people have said that I do not look my age or that I have a son who is 21 , well I do not because apart from the weight issue ( oh shucks) I maintain myself, no grey hair  , light make up and age appropriate clothes. I know who Justin Bieber is and what are the it shows , so the illusion of staying young stays. That is why I constantly date men who are much younger than me because I lead them to believe that they are older than me How is that for illusion. It is all smoke and mirrors

 It is the same in dating, men go for prettier women and women go for good looking men, I am always surprised that when people try to tell me my type. I date men who are intelligent, good looking and not losers and as Carrie Underwood said men who keep their promises.

 All relationships do not end with a ring and all relationships are not right. Sometimes it is good the guy left you or you left them. For example my cheater ex fiancée ( I am thinking of him a lot today as he tried contacting me on face book and I had to shut him down loser) eventually married  the girl he cheated me on and then two years later I get a call from the new Mrs. telling me that he is cheating on her ,. I am like OK he is like that cut your losses. If she did then maybe she will get a call from another women telling her that he is cheating on her.

 Regarding men and women being friends, I work with a lot of men and I know their wives. I also know single men who I am friends with. Last week a good friend of mine took me by surprise when he asked me if I would go out with. I am no, I am treating him like a friend and though he is an awesome guy and we share a lot of things but there is no chemistry, so no deal

 Another question people always ask me is would I ask my son to have an arranged marriage, Nope because I am an idiot and I make idiot decisions for myself. I can introduce him to girls but rest is up to him. He should marry a girl (please not with tattoos) he loves and who loves him back and not worry about religion, caste, etc. Having the same religion and caste does not mean anything. For me I married a man in my religion and caste and ended up broken bones and concussions but I am not ready to talk about it yet.  My best relationships have been with men who are not even in my religion or caste, there is nothing wrong in dating Caucasian men, and they are awesome leaving side the ex.

 I think this is my type

Charming like Mr. Big in sex and city

Manly like Mike from Dirty Jones

Witty like from Booth bones

Funny like David letterman or Jon Stewart

Looks wise oh well I do not care   but cannot be ugly

Have a career, be educated and not dumb

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