Now that i have calmed down

Now that I have calmed down, I prayed for serenity and decided to analyze why I was so livid yesterday. 

  1. No respect for my time, here I have spent and bent over backwards to accommodate your schedule and you not have the common courtesy to send me an email that the meeting time has changed. I was already annoyed at attending four meetings at the same time, these people behave as if I have nothing better to do , if they would have told me that the meeting had changed I would not driven   but stayed at corporate , so today I stayed at corporate  to fix my problem child more on that later
  2. The reason they gave me today on the meeting change was that they had to ask their boss, really you are all in your forties and fifties and you need to ask your boss permission to change a meeting you are an idiot. There is no rhyme or reason for that, it was not like he was going to be in the meeting with me so why do you need to ask his permission to change the meeting from 1-2 to 3-5, like I said bunch of idiots and morons
  3. They have nothing better to do. The facility is closing as all the product build has been shipped overseas. So all they had to do was engineering
  4. Sometimes people like to feel important by ruining my schedule To meet with these morons yesterday I had to rearrange all my travel and my meeting schedules. I have deadlines to meet and now have to work on the weekend to finish the work for Monday , Like I said no respect for my time, IT IS LIKE JUMP AND I AM SUPPOSED TO SAY HOW HIGH, TAKE A HIKE
  5. By changing the time to the afternoon I had to drive back at night which I despise night driving , actually I do not like to drive at any time unless you are an idiot driver then I am going to have to go alpha on your driving skills I do not like to drive at night even if the love of my life Mr. Big from Sex and the City asks me to
  6.  Then back at corporate I was told that my problem child (the product I was working on releasing) is now a problem adult. Ok now I have to deal with the problem adult at corporate, fix the problem, OK how?????
  7. New Rule I am not arranging my schedule for any one moving forward for the nicer you are the more people will walk over you
  8. Next time these morons pull as stunt like that and make me drive when I could have just done that over the phone I am going to refuse. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT , and if they want to go to my boss go do it see if I care
  9. That is all I need to remember, no matter what I feel emotionally on this issue they are not important, I tried to  be available for this project but now you are taking advantage of my professionalism and my son does not have an idiot for  a mother
  10. What happened is in the past and moving forward no more Nice accommodating  S



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