Mad at everyone part 2

I am still mad . I am just fuming. this week has been horrible  le us start from Monday

Normal day , got up got my prescription.  I have a bleeding disorder and need to be very careful on medications , surgeries etc , well i always tell the doctor that and the pharmacy that. Never faced any issue so far till I walk into this state. Now the doctor has done the test and reminded him and still he goes and orders a prescription and the pharmacy fills out a prescription that can cause massive internal bleeding  and this after I repeatedly ask them does it cause any internal bleeding. So apparently  they seem to thin that no one will read the attached information, i always do as i know incompetency when i see it and imagine my surprise when i open the attached info and it states do not take if you are suffering from a bleeding disorder as it can cause massive internal bleeding , So i call the doctor and the pharmacy who are now looking at idiots and change the medication ,Please note the doctor is Indian from India, probably got his medical degree in the mail , Moron

Tuesday:  go get a flu shot , once again tell the nurse about the fact that i bleed and she says oh do not worry , well imagine my surprise when i notice that the place where she gave me the flu shot is bleeding , of course cannot reach anyone and i am wondering if due to the loss of blood i am going to go into toxic shock, Finally after 8 hours it stops after  I make numerous calls and keep on applying pressure to stop the flow.

Wednesday , my computer at work is taken by IT as they want to fix it, they never do but waste a lot of my time

Thursday i already went into the no respect for my time what the hell do people think i am being nice by trying to accommodate everyone but i do not appreciate lack of respect for my time. so the meeting goes from the 1-2 to 3-5 and that leads me to drive to the bore town in the dark Not that it is bad but there is so much construction on the road, cannot see where one road begins and the other ends. that is why i do not drive in the dark, in the snow , in the rain , period i do not drive in anything that is less than perfect weather. so who do you think you are that you disrespect my time. when you are nice people think that you are a door mat. now note these are all men over the age of 18 so do not need their mummies to come and tell them what to do, could they not have sent an email that hey the meeting is changed , i could have just done it over the phone rather than drive down all the way and waste my day, like i said waste of my time and no respect for my time. anyway that is life no one is that busy that they cannot send an email on time change

Then i get reminded that i need to see an oncologist for a check up, oh yes that is always a fun experience , go see the doctor and talk to him  well i am just tired

Too much stress , not worth the money, like i said when you try to be nice people think you are being a door mat, i know men who are worse than small children, at least children have an excuse

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