Complexities of being a woman , in my opinion

I never understand the complexities of women and I am a woman.

Ok got a call from my friend last night ( yes that is what i needed as an icing on the horrible cake of a week) who told me that she ran into someone who had got her demoted and fired from her job . It was a boys’ club and they got her declared incompetent and consequently put on a performance plan to improve herself and consequently get fired . Note when companies put you on performance improvement they are just getting their documentation together in case you sue thought i do not understand why they would do that as most states are right to work  but who cares , anyway so this guy calls her on the social site and i am like , are you nuts, the action hurt you so badly and you want to be friends with him why do you want to do that People do not change, stop being a glutton for punishment Stop  being so nice, ( yes this is coming from me) actions speak louder than words. this is most women never realize, they will be told by men , oh yes we love you so much and yet these women will never get calls back. My dating life may suck but yet i respectfully date. If a guy tells me he is going to call me , i give him  three days after the initial call and then i call him and if he answers great , if not leave a message and move on. I never wait by the phone for an employer or a boyfriend to call after the interview or going out with someone. if someone wants to see you they will make the time, if they do not they will never make the time so you need to cut your loses and move on. Of course i am also guilty of slipping on my mantra but that is human

yesterday my work friend and i discussed her ex husband who cheated on her. Now i do know a lot of this as my ex fiancee cheated on me with a wide variety of women, this is not something he was flirting with, this was a physical relationship  I am not advocating that when you fall out of love you should stay with the person you are married to but at least have the decency to tell them. Anyway Diane told me that her husband cheated on her  with a woman on her bowling team and we discussed how she took him back, i said yes i have done that , been there and done that. she took him back once and then she just divorced him. never understand why woman stay with a cheating  husband better die once than die a hundred deaths. My ex fiancee cheated on me at least twice, caught him once, did the forgiving act and then the second time i had to let him go over him telling me i still love you and those women mean nothing , i said that i am glad they mean nothing as will all the others but i need to let you go I love you still even today but i am not in love with you, big difference, how dare you come here and tell me that you love me and then go with all the others i made a clean break and moved on but then denied his request to be my facebook friend, Friends do not hurt you, if they hurt you they are not friends so why do i need them to be on my facebook. incidentally even though i am so nice i recently found out that he was disbarred from practicing law so that is  good , payback.

Now some may wonder what does is mean , hey i love you but i am not in love with you, well i love you for an ex means hey you still make me feel young and silly but i am not in love with you meaning as soon as you are out of sight i do not spend hours thinking of you. as i did before or care what you are doing

i still believe in true love, had it three times so it is possible to find it more than once, interesting thing is that as you grow older your type changes and so does your value system. when you are in your forties  you look more for companionship well you also do not want to be with someone who is ugly but i do not have to worry about that now do i.

Take this from here

1. actions speak louder than words

2. you can find true love more than once

3. when someone hurts you once shame on them, if they hurt you again shame on you

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