When people have no repect for your time ( that is why i am mad)

Ok here goes, i had four meetings scheduled today at the same time, so i drive down to Erie PA to attend these meetings. I was of course late as i forgot to bring my battery but that is life , it happens. The most important one was the baby of my job over here, here as it goes , all of them were from 10.30-1.30 so now  how it is humanly to attend four meetings at one time, well i did it, had a phone with four lines, followed the meetings on the computer and only answered questions when my name came up. Then i had a meeting from 2-3 so i am thinking i am done at 3pm and can go home , well nope they changed it from 3-5 and only told me when i told them that i was leaving at 3pm to go back to my boring town. that is what happens, do you think that they can respect my time No SIR!!!!! Then my boss comes up to me and says hey can you travel week of nov 22 and i am like it is american thanksgiving and plus i had requested time off for personal reasons and he is like your personal reasons do not materialize so no deal. so i guess i am travelling  that week.  Like i said no respect for my time I try to be a nice person and accommodate everyone but i keep on getting short end of the deal. This

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