Scheduling your personal and business life

I had a conversation today and it occurred to me that we in North America are used to making a lot of schedules. I think in some countries  that is not the case . For example my secretary schedules all my business travel and posts my iternary on the company calendar so that all my employees can see it . Same way i schedule my personal life. I have a set schedule on who to meet and when to meet. Weekends are OK but weekdays are really tough as I need a week notice to reschedule my meetings. I am not saying it is the right thing but that is the way it is. That is one of my pet peeves  . I just cannot take off at the drop of hat, there are  30 people who depend on me for decisions in a timely manner , deadlines to deliver , so my schedule is very timely  So i need a week notice to implement any changes that is how your schedule your personal and business life


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