Women in the workplace

I am always surprised about women in the workplace , what is up with that. My group had an hour meeting on women in the workplace , Ok the whole goal was to tell us that

Being a woman in the workplace was hard working with kids and making time for a spouse

  1. Career advancement
  2. Career advancement for visible minorities and women

 The only thing these geniuses  forgot to add was that when you talk of telecommuting and using technology from home , your forget that you can do that as you have a choice. I am an technical person who cannot telecommute , no one has ever offered me to telecommute even when I was in a wheelchair I had to go to work.

That is the way life is. There are jobs you can do and then there are jobs you cannot do.

Another thing that came out was oh women can work part time , really how do you pay your bills

So in general the women on the panel were all married women who had husbands to help them with bills and kids

Not a single parent .
Single parents have more issues than most . I remember always trying to juggle school and daycare. I was not interested how hard the exam was but could I get childcare at that time , most engineering  exams are held at 6 or 9 in the evening so no child care in daycare is available and it is hard to find a babysitter who does not charge so much money if you can find one

Same with travelling on business, who watches your child when you are away and companies do not care, if your job involve travel that the way it is

 I am so tired of hearing married people tell me that they find it so hard when their husbands do not co-operate. Really at least you have hope that there is help, single parents do not even have that

 When my son was little I had him trained what to do in case I died. He was two when he knew how to dial 911 and at 3 he was able to dial and repeat what I had him memorize .How many two  parent families  can say that they had to train their child in dealing with death of their parent but that is life

 Another thing which  struck me as interesting was that this was a conference on also visible minorities and yet no one on the panel was a visible minority so what does that tell us

 Any thoughts

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