Waiting for a phone call


You know how it states a watched pot never spills, well that is how with phone calls, a watched phone never rings , I think all of us can relate to that . you are waiting by the phone and it never rings.

Like when you have a job interview , you give the interview and then you wait and wait  , recruiters will tell you oh yes the manager is still reviewing and you keep on waiting and waiting , contract recruiters are the worst and that is why I hate contract work , did it once and never again.

When you are a contractor you get treated like dirt, you are never paid what you are worth, no benefits and you cannot get sick time or holidays. I know that when I worked contract I was not even paid for labor day and I will never do this again. But I guess when you are out of work you will do anything which is exactly what I did till I found a better job and left , maybe it is only my experience but it was lousy experience,. I made 50 percent less than what I make now and contract work is always considered as an assignment that is what they tell you , it is an assignment not a job. The best part is going to find full time work, once a company finds out that you are working on contract they will try to keep you on contract . oh well it is behind me

When else do you wait for a phone call. This I find comes in two phases , when you care and when you do not care

When you care you go out with a guy, then wait for him to call. I remember when I was in my twenties , I had dated real winners, I would go out and then wait for the CALL which came and sometimes did not come. When it did not come then you called up your girlfriends and cried on their shoulders and they agreed with you hey that guy was a jerk and so on

Before you feel sorry for me remember I have also done the same , never returned calls of guys who called me the ones I did not like. I remember there was one who I told him that I was going to Siberia, BAD and BAD and other I told I had 6 kids, another that I had reconciled with my ex  and so on

Then you reach your thirties and you simply are established in your career and do not have time to play games.

So if a guy does not call you great , you do not wait . that is why the policy is call if you want to , do not call if you do not want to. The right man will call you and the right man will want to call  you unless he is a stalker then I am going to have to go Deal with him .

You get a certain confidence in that hey I am worth it

These days since I am on my search to find someone it takes a new perspective . Interesting is that men who are high school seem to think that they can just approach you , hey buddy ME engineer , you high school , ( exaggeration) what is this a match arranged for by my parents that I need to hang out with a high school guy, sorry if I can go to university and get an education so can you.

Been there done that , unequal distribution of intelligence never works., may work if a man is more educated than a woman but never works if a woman is highly educated and the man is not , I know that from two experiences of my own , my husband and Bill, Well husband was arranged so had no choice but Bill was a guy I dated for 9 months , He was probably the best boyfriend I had, by that I mean we did awesome things together went on romantic picnics together, homemade lunches but he was not my intellectual equal

One of my intellectual equals was Jimmy, a lawyer. I have a tendency to be attracted by  lawyers, that is why I am always fascinated by shows like the good wife and law and order. John or Jimmy was awesome . He was a southern gentleman, a lawyer , but he was also a cheater I think in my twenties catching him cheating was devastating for me but now in my thirties what do I care . I remember the hurt and the pain but  what you find in habitual cheaters is that they have done it again and again and when I contacted Jimmy’s exes found out that he had cheated on them too, well lesson learned is that once you get the ring marry the man rather than go on a seven year plan I did before ( but then I never did get the ring) or a four year plan like I did with Jimmy. Looking back at least we got to see baton Rouge and the south. Saw New Orleans , café du monde ,  My favorite memory is of my son running close to the levees playing with me and Jimmy and then seeing the destruction of that area during Katrina

Good things do not last He cheated and I had to end a  four year relationship , never talked to him again till I read about him on the internet I 2008 that he was disbarred from law . well I guess he got his just deserts

My philosophy in life is SIMPLE I am worth it

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