Trees and so on

Well another Sunday comes to an end. What a week. Attended a conference, Boring , had to sit through 10 hours of information that  I will never even remember but at least we got presents at the end of it. Got awesome portfolios and a very cool pen. Had to go to PA, well it is an hour drive which I turned into two hours , do not know i decided to try  a different route.  I think I know my way , in reality I do not know  ended up in PA , attended the meeting , man was there tension and hatred , corporate is closing the facility , but managed to pacify the men, it comes from long years of raising a son by myself, My son would get into such scrapes. For example he was found of throwing things in the air . he has thrown whatever he can into the sky and land where it may. So many lunchboxes went into the air and then i had to get someone to remove them from the tree.
Then of course he discovered the joy of climbing trees. All the time when we lived on sandwich he was climbing trees , pretending  to be a tree dwelling dinosaur tiny dinyI would see him hopping from one branch to another , once you have coaxed a wild boy down a tree dealing with the temper tantrums of 40 year olds is nothing , they are same and that is why i said temper tantrums. I understand the situation, no one wants to move , i get that but how is that my fault, well I represent corporate to them and that is why well also because i am a woman and a visible minority and that is not cool for the majority of the population, but been there done that

It is a way of life, one has to move on , it is hard but that is life

On a positive note went shopping , got awesome deals on clothes as usual though i was disappointed by my local drug store. They always have buy one get one free sale on cosmetics and this time they decided that they were going to have buy one get another one 50 percent off , that did not go well with me so i had to leave.

What is with men in this hick state. I wanted to buy a car and called out a person who sells cars on the internet so now he decided that he wants to go out with me as I am single I am like what the situation. OK i am a very cool person and i am sorry I am not going out with someone who is not of my standard and a car dealer who sells cars on craig list does not qualify. I married a man who was so totally not my intellectual equal and I am not doing it again. My trend has been to date lawyers etc but not car dealers , take a hike buddy and I am certainly not dating anyone in this town, sorry have worked too hard to go around with losers His whole criteria for asking me out is because I am Indian and he likes Indian woman , i am like really at what point in the discussion did you think I was traditional. more on this moron later i talk on the phone that is all

My goal is to leave this state asap. I do not like it here , BORING multiplied by 1 million.  One needs quality of life, being lonely does not mean i settle for less. did that with the husband and look where it got me

well time to finish my Diwali cards

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1 Response to Trees and so on

  1. Anupam says:

    Me likes ” … being lonely does not mean i settle for less.” Written from the heart … Dil se.

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