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Sick and no compassion from son or dr v or friends

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Comprimising in life ( from my facebook friend—–a short blog today )

Ok so here is what i got from my facebook today

Well….there should be a limit to compromise; sometime over compromising is kiiling. missed that fun….but that’s life

so what is comprimise, it is just stalling between two fools. Compromise means to go just a little bit below what you know is right. It is hard to talk about a middle ground for something that is a fundamental right But then how far do you comprise. I comprise all the time but i also remember my Detroit friend telling me that once you comprise for less that is what you get. But where exactly do you stop the comprise. do you stop at a job , or do you stop at money or do you stop at a relationship comprise

I know that i have comprised on a lot of things but i am not comprising in love why do i need to be with a wrong person just for the sake of being married and satisfy a cultural need , Today i have money, can pay my bills but i am lonely I do not have emotional security but that is my choice for i chose not to compromise in love.

Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof; it is just temporary I am not comprising even it it hurts to be myself with myself.

.I’m free. I just do what I want, say what I want, say how I feel, and I don’t try to hurt nobody. I just try to make sure that I don’t compromise my love in any kind of way.Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, and trading on your integrity and not having dignity in life. That’s really where failure comes.
In a relationship, when does the art of compromise become compromising?

So now time to sleep more later

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my facebook message ( love or passion)

i was talking to one of my facebook friend who was divorced and was now married and this is what he said

Well……you are correct; must seek love….and I believe only lucky ones get enjoy love; And I am not among those lucky ones. I am married second time; and my wife is my good friend ..I am sure love is awesome; but it’s not every one’s cup of tea dear…….

wow how sad a life and then i started thinking what is better in life passion or love or even just being with your good friend what is passion
Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping… waiting…. It speaks to us… guides us… passion rules us all, and we obey. ? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love… the clarity of hatred… and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we’d know some kind of peace… but we would be hollow…. Without passion we’d be truly dead. Passion… it’s the atmosphere, the noise, it’s the time, the taste, the smell, and the sense of being. I think it’s being alive at a point where it’s so joyful it can almost be painful. Passion is the fuel for a well driven life. So then why is love always interwined with passion
because love is a mixture of passion, admiration and respect, if you have admiration and respect you have enough , if you have passion you do not need to die to go to heaven

Passion is first step to love at first sight because when passion is strong you love so finally it is love at first sight. There are things in your life that catch your eye but there are those that capture your heart and that is what we must follow

So the above guy said that he has a good friend , well as oscar wilde said Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

I can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than I can explain light to the blind. Without passion you do not have energy , without energy you have nothing

Love cannot accept what it is. Everywhere on earth it cries out against kindness, compassion, intelligence, everything that leads to compromise. Love demands the impossible, the absolute, the sky on fire, inexhaustible springtime, life after death, and death itself transfigured into eternal life.

We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon. But that doesn’t diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives

So i do feel sorry for the guy who has a friend but no passion or love, what a life , never to know that to the world you may be just one person but to the person who loves you you are the world, like the song says

We come to love not by finding a perfect person,but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.No one is perfect until you fall in love with them

Love is something eternal, The aspect may change, But not the essence maybe some day i will someone fantasy

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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

I must be getting better as I am going back to writing my essay blogs again.

So I see everyone making their resolutions , the most common one is lose weight and that is why the gym at my work is so busy because everyone is into their resolutions , you know exercise and all that. Some resolutions are so hard to keep. My friend Darlene makes a resolution each year to lose weight and to date she has not lost much . He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool. I always bear in mind that my own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. , I have fathomless hurt by my own family to fall back on. I do not need men to cheat me , my family has done a pretty good job of that. The only good source of knowledge is experience , for when you are experienced in life you have knowledge.

Real strength is a decision and can be found within each of us. It is our opportunity to awaken our inner strength and live the life we desire; to create, explore, and accomplish the things we hold dear. It takes strength to be in a loving relationship, raise a family, be yourself, and allow others to be themselves.

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength, like I have done in this dumb place with no friends and horrible people. I survived being cheated out of my money, paid for a funeral for a father who left everything to his other two kids who did not ever bother with him when he was alive, almost died from pneumonia and yet I prevailed and though I am bitter I am still not out. People take my tenderness and kindness as a sign of weakness and stupidity but t one who survives a very abusive marriage , raised a child on their own with no money the tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and stupidity but manifestations of strength and resolution.
I am happy that my life is not without problems, for they toughen my mind. In fact I tell people not to bring me their successes for they weaken me; but rather to bring me their problems, for they strengthen me.

My father used to tell me that I was wise but I leant it by three ways

1. reflection, which is noblest;

2. by imitation which is the easiest

3. by experience which is most bitter

I know that I am still bitter and ask God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

For Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom, Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

I have gained wisdom more readily through my failures than through my successes. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what died inside of me and I am still alive. Life is a grindstone, and whether it grinds you down or polishes you up is for you and you alone to decide and I have decided that I am polishing mine up. So then I thought back to a poem I once read

When things go wrong as they sometimes will;
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;
When the funds are low, and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but have to sigh;
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but do not quit.

Success is failure turned inside out;
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you can never tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-
It’s when things go wrong that you must not quit.

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Dance like no one is watching

Today one of my co workers got a promotion , nothing remarkable or interesting, just that he was only with the company less than 1 year, was 27 years old and this is his second job. So he has less than 5 years of experience and he is already into management. With this he gets 17 people working for him , a new iphone, company car not to mention a bonus and a big jump in pay. so yes I have to admit that I was jealous. I would be stupid if I said that I was not .

People say that a competent and self confident person in incapable of jealousy in anything , it is not a symptom of neurotic behavior , I guess it would be envy

Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has. It is better to want what you have than to have what you want.

Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that I do not have value.  Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point – that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you.  There is only one alternative – self-value.  They say that if you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved , so true and so wrong.

My life has been spent in making mistakes but at least it is more useful than life doing nothing.

So I look back at my life and count my successes and failures
Let me start with my successes raised an awesome son

Failures love , marriage and job family

I no longer believe in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together

We’re all seeking that special person who is right for us. But if you’ve been through enough relationships, you begin to suspect there’s no right person, just different flavors of wrong. Why is this? Because you yourself are wrong in some way, and you seek out partners who are wrong in some complementary way. But it takes a lot of living to grow fully into your own wrongness. And it isn’t until you finally run up against your deepest demons, your unsolvable problems—the ones that make you truly who you are—that we’re ready to find a lifelong mate. Only then do you finally know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the wrong person. But not just any wrong person: the right wrong person—someone you lovingly gaze upon and think, “This is the problem I want to have.”

You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.

The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh.

At the end of the day I have to finish every day and be done with it. I have done what  I  could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; Tomorrow is a new day; I shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with my  old nonsense

So in conclusion I have to

 dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like I’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.

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